Kinesis management portal

Secure, role-based access to data for analysis and management of population fall risk data.

Kinesis predictive analytics dashboard

Secure portal for analysis and management of data

Optimise Health and Wellness Programs, Reduce Older Adult Falls with Population Health Based Insights.
Our solutions help prevent falls through more accurate assessment and referral.
Our products are backed by fourteen years of research.

Harness Predictive Analytics to Prevent Falls

Gain valuable insights into your organizations fall risk via population health analysis of gait, fall risk, frailty and mobility impairment within your communities.
Track population risk level, changes across intervention programs, volume of assessments as well as age and gender breakdowns.

Analytics dashboard
Trend falls risk and mobility data

Reduce Resident Turnover

Keep your residents happy and healthy. Mobile engaged residents stay healthy for longer, require less care and are more profitable for your community.
Maintain high occupancy levels by risk stratifying your resident population to ensure those at risk of falls receive early and targeted interventions keeping them active and independent for longer.

Device and user management

Manage multiple Kinesis devices and sensors across multiple sites.
Nominate users and administrators to ensure secure role based access to data. Secure and encrypted, compliant with HIPAA and GDPR regulations, with dedicated US and EU environments.

Intuitive, user friendly design
Gait & Mobility assessment

Reduce administrative burden

Report on the key metrics that matter to your organization with our easy to use query builder. Secure, role-based access to data for analysis and management of population fall risk data. Export results in both PDF and Excel formats.

What is QTUG™?

Scientifically validated

Scientifically validated

Over 13 years of dedicated
scientific research has gone
into developing QTUG™

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Assess a patient's falls
risk and mobility in less
than 5 minutes

Accurate measurement

Accurate measurement

Using wearable inertial
sensors to accurately measure
gait and mobility

Information security

Information security

Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) are encrypted
on the QTUG™ device and portal

Secure backup

Secure backup

Integrated solution to
backup data to remote
server via Wi-Fi

Export patient data

Export patient data

For ease of reference
and onward referral

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