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Kinesis QTUG™ - A proven tool for falls risk assessment

QTUG™ at a glance

Kinesis QTUG™ is an objective tool for identifying older adults at risk of falling.
Kinesis QTUG™ (Quantitative Timed Up and Go) is based on the Timed Up and Go test and is instrumented with wireless sensors placed on each leg.
This technology provides a method for objective assessment of mobility, frailty and falls risk. It provides automatic analysis of patient data against reference values for patient's age and gender with colour coding to indicate deviations from normality.

QTUG™ also incorporates a questionnaire based on the American Geriatric Society (AGS) and British Geriatric Society (BGS) guidelines recording standard falls risk-factors.
QTUG™ is used by a range of healthcare professionals and care staff to assess mobility and falls risk in the older adult populations they serve.
Older adults respond positively to the objective assessment, advice and guidance that QTUG™ provide to engage in falls prevention.

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Kinesis Gait™ - Reliable measurement of gait

Mobility & Gait assessment

Kinesis Gait™ is a portable clinical tool for quantitative assessment of gait and mobility.
Using wireless sensors worn on the legs, Kinesis Gait™ can monitor gait and mobility during any clinical walking test protocol (e.g. 25 foot walk or 6 minute walk), and providing bilateral gait parameters as well as inter-stride analysis and raw sensor data.

Quantitative gait analysis can be used as a clinical endpoint in research, to identify the presence of gait abnormality, pathological gait or specific gait deviations associated with injury and disease.
Kinesis Gait™ is used to generate an accurate baseline of a person’s gait and to objectively measure outcomes as a result of an intervention or rehabilitation.

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Kinesis Management Portal - Population health analysis to help predict and prevent falls

Kinesis Portal is secure, integrated dashboard to provide monitoring and access to customer patient data. Provides sophisticated queries and analysis as well as device and user management. We support administrative and standard user-based access, with data access privileges granted only to appropriate roles. The dashboard allows auditing of the clinical effectiveness of fall prevention programmes, including longitudinal analysis of patient data.

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