Kinesis QTUG™ Key Features

Falls Prevention, Gait and Mobility assessment
Proven technology - Improving quality of care for older adults

Fall risk assessment

Accurate assessment of falls risk

Prevent falls through more accurate assessment and referral!
Quantitative Timed Up and Go (QTUG™) provides Falls risk score (a validated risk profile of a patient's future risk of having a fall). QTUG™ also provides an estimate of Frailty. The Falls risk and Frailty scores have been extensively validated by fourteen years of research.

Functional analysis of mobility

Mobility scores identify mobility impairment by grouping mobility parameters into five functional categories: walking, variability, symmetry, transfers and turning. Scores are calculated by comparing the patient’s mobility against population data for their age and gender. A high mobility score indicates a that the patient may have a problem in the functional area highlighted and may benefit from specific therapy.

Clinical Fall Risk Factors
Trend falls risk and mobility data

Trend TUG time, falls risk and frailty over time

QTUG™ can be used to determine how a patient responds to intervention , therapy or medication by analyzing falls risk assessment and frailty scores as well as gait and mobility data across multiple assessments. Trend Falls risk, Frailty and TUG test data over time as well as view all historical tests.

Track clinical Fall risk factors

Includes a falls history questionnaire based on the American Geriatric Society/British Geriatric Society (AGS/BGS) guidelines for falls prevention. Record and store patients clinical falls risk factors and falls history for future reference. These clinical fall risk factors are combined with sensor data to provide reliable and objective fall risk assessment.

Falls history questionnaire
Gait & Mobility assessment

Gait & Mobility assessment

Quantitative assessment of each phase of the TUG (Timed Up and Go) test including, standing, sitting, walking and turning. Customise results by pinning most relevant data to the summary results screen. Data are colour-coded to highlight any statistical deviations in mobility from reference values.

Intuitive, user friendly design

Intuitive display of results, ability to track use of mobility aids, turn off timing limits or turn off falls assessment-specific functionality.

Intuitive, user friendly design
Exportable falls risk report and results

Export reports and notes for onward referral

Add notes on patient assessments. Export all patient results in Excel format.
Create a comprehensive fall risk and mobility report on each test, in PDF format.
HIPAA compliant - Securely and automatically back-up results to the cloud.

What is QTUG™?

Scientifically validated

Scientifically validated

Over 12 years of dedicated
scientific research has gone
into developing QTUG™

Fast and efficient

Fast and efficient

Assess a patient's falls
risk and mobility in less
than 5 minutes

Accurate measurement

Accurate measurement

Using wearable inertial
sensors to accurately measure
gait and mobility

Information security

Information security

Personally Identifiable
Information (PII) are encrypted
and user login management implemented to ensure all data are secured

Secure backup

Secure backup

Integrated solution to
backup data to remote
server via Wi-Fi

Export patient data

Export patient data

For ease of reference
and onward referral

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QTUG™ is a Medical Device

QTUG™ is is GDPR compliant and is a registered Class I medical device in the EU
(under MDR 2017/745) and carries the CE mark.
QTUG™ is registered with the FDA as a Class I (exempt) medical device in the USA,and is HIPAA compliant
is registered as a Class I medical device with Health Canada,
and is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) in Australia.
QTUG™ has been certified for electrical safety to medical device safety standard EN 60601-1.

QTUG™ is a registered medical device in Europe, United States and Canada, and certified for electrical safety as a medical device to EN 60601-1

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